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Folding crosses are made in two parts, the base and the cross. Both fold so that the can easily be stored in a cupboard or in the boot of a car. The cross comes complete with a carrying bag.

Erection is achieved by placing the base on the floor, opening out the folded arms.  The  lower end of the cross is then fitted into the socket (taking care to align any studs). The  upper part of the cross is then raised to the upright position and locked into place (the arms of the cross fall into place as the upper part is raised). Take care to keep your fingers clear of the arm hinges when raising the upper section.


Erection of the whole assembly takes only a few seconds.They are constructed of pine and finished with a clear varnish; other finishes may be provided subject to discussion. The standard size is 1500mm high and it is a stock item but other sizes can be made to order.

Folding Cross Assembled
Folding Cross Dismantled










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