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Holding Crosses

Holding crosses are individually made with rounded edges and varnished to give a "soft" comfortable feeling. 


A business sized card is provided, with the following text:-

"A holding card is designed not so much as to look right but to feel right. The cross is deliberately uneven, is order to fit between your fingers comfortably.

A holding cross is a true reminder of the cross of Jesus because it is undecorated. Sometimes it is enough to simply hold the cross silently. It is through your sense of touch that you are expressing your loveof Christ and your need of him.

As I hang on to this cross, Lord, hang on to me."


Holding crosses are made in two sizes. The large ones intended for adults and the smaller ones for children.

..................HC2 ...................................... HC1
Type Height (mm) Price Postage*
HC1 80 £4 £2
HC2 105 £5 £2



*See "Ordering" page for multiple orders.

The colour of the wood may vary, depending on the timber used. The standard issue is light oak but I have a number made out of church furniture, (which has a slightly different appearance.) at no extra cost.




Holdiing crosses can be engraved at extra cost (typically £5 for a single line).  The text can be up to 20 characters, including space  Please discuss your requirement with me.


These items are supplied to Lee Abbey, Devon

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